POS Terminal CanadaPOS simply stands for Point-of-Sale. There are basically 3 different types of POS Terminals when it comes to retail face-to-face processing in Canada.

  1. Dail-up POS Terminal – this is where the terminal is connected to a phone line. You can use them in tandem with fax or existing phone line, but note you can not transact at the same time as being on the existing line. This is fine for low volume businesses where you under 20 transactions in a day.
  2. IP POS Terminal – this is where the terminal is connected to your high speed internet. It allows you to have a uninterrupted line and makes for fast transactions (5-10 seconds).
  3. Wireless POS Terminal – this is where the terminal has a SIM card and connects to the cellular phone Data networks. It is the same data plan that comes when you have internet on your smart phones. This type of terminal allows you to transact anywhere there is network signal. Perfect for mobile businesses.


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