Canadian Merchant Account ServicesWARNING! “Most Merchants Are Over-Paying for Their Canadian Merchant Account Services!”

Choosing a Canadian Merchant Account Service Provider is a serious decision that you want to make sure you have crossed all your “t’s” and dotted all your “i’s” before committing to an agreement.

That’s why we connect you to card processing companies that offer:

  • Affordable POS Terminal Hardware
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Interac debit processing available
  • Low transaction & MDR fees
  • Low set-up fees
  • 24/7 Support

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The fact is: We are more interested in educating you then trying to make a “fast buck”. we believe that once you are fully educated on all the ‘pros and cons’, we can decide together on the best purchase for you.

Making sure you have the best payment processing solution with the lowest possible merchant account rates for your business needs can be difficult to figure out and it is a major commitment. We don’t want you to regret your decision two weeks or five years down the road, so we’ll work with you to insure that you are totally satisfied.

Our Merchant Services Guarantee’s are:

  • Treat you with integrity – No Hidden Fees.
  • Considerable discounts compared to other competitors.
  • One on one attention.
  • Unlimited telephone consultations.
  • Unlimited email correspondence.
  • No-obligation estimates.
  • Discounts for Multiple Units.
  • Fastest Turn-around time in the Industry. (set-up in as little as 5-7 business days)

Typically we are helping Companies save 10-30% on their Merchant Account Expenses.

You bring us your needs and your budget and we’ll find the right payment processing system & merchant accounts for you. We’ll even work to get you the lowest price possible. Or, if we can’t get you the lowest price, We’ll tell who can. How many other merchant service brokerages will do that?

Canadian Merchant Account Services

There are several different types of credit card processing solutions available to Canadian Merchants. Choose from the list below that best suits your business needs.

  • Retail POS Terminal – For businesses that have face to face transactions and need to accept any of the following: Debit (Interac), Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Dinners Card
  • Wireless POS Terminal – For business who are mobile or who work in locations were they can not get a traditional phone or internet connection like Tradeshows, Taxi, Delivery, etc. yet they still want to offer the processing solution as a traditional retail POS Terminal.
  • Cell Phone (MO/TO) – For business that have very low volume of transactions and want a simple lowest cost solution where they can phone in for verification.
  • Virtual Terminal - For businesses that take orders, but not face-to-face. Similar to doing internet banking. All you require is your clients credit card information and you can process cards from any computer connected to the internet. (Visa, Mastercard, & American Express ONLY).
  • E-commerce Credit Card Processing – For businesses that need a merchant account to connect to their internet shopping carts, so their clients can pay and checkout from their websites.

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